Bridging Echoes


20240101. Längd 0 tim 52 min

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Idag 22 juli

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0 tim 52 min

Join us for "Bridging Echoes" to experience the final year projects of three graduates from the HDK-Valand MFA in Film program. Discover three films, each born from deep, inquiry-based research that blends different modes of storytelling with unique artistic vision.

Who stands up for Alvar by Anna Maria Jóakimsdóttir-Hutri

Songbird by Robert Melo

ﻣن وﯾن ﻟوﯾن - From Where to Where by Careen Koleilat


Accompanied by a group of refugees, Marco and his mute daughter Paloma are trapped in a truck container. In total darkness, they are struck by hope and despair as they fight for survival and freedom.

Who stands up for Alvar

A film about a nurse rescuing her old neighbour from his apartment fire and what follows.

ﻣن وﯾن ﻟوﯾن - From Where to Where

Step into the intense world of perpetual immigration loops –

where some people face emotional rollercoasters, while others

breeze right through the oppressive maze.