Death of a Child


2017. Ej angivet. Längd 1 tim 19 min

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Idag 19 juni

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Death of a Child Bild

Ej angivet


1 tim 19 min

How do you live with the unbearable? When the worst has happened to you and your loved ones and you have nobody but yourself to blame?

Doug, Lyn, Norman and Antonio are all responsible for their own children's deaths. Through their honest and deeply personal stories, we get an insight into what it means to live with what they have done. The legal, social and personal aftermaths differ, often depending on gender, social status, social networks and relationships. But overall, there is something about what these parents have done that always seems to trigger a very specific social rage and condemnation. Because what kind of parent forgets a baby in a car?

DEATH OF A CHILD challenges our preconceptions of guilt, punishment and forgiveness. It is an attempt to comprehend the incomprehensible, a note-to-self about being less sure of what we don't know. DEATH OF A CHILD is Frida and Lasse Barkfors' second film in a trilogy exploring social stigma. PERVERT PARK was the first.