REX Swedish Student competition + Award Ceremony


20200101. Från 15 år. Längd 1 tim 2 min

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5 november

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REX Swedish Student competition + Award Ceremony Bild

Från 15 år




1 tim 2 min

The Swedish Student Competition has long been an integral component of the REX festival's tradition. Each year, we meticulously select the finest student works produced in Sweden, affording them the honour of being showcased at our festival, where a distinguished jury ultimately determines the winner. Within this esteemed competition, nine animated shorts are poised to serve as a window into the future of animation and emerging talent in Sweden.

These young animators breathe life into their imaginative narratives, providing audiences with an exclusive glimpse into their unique creative universes. Prepare to be transported into the realms envisioned by these budding storytellers as they illuminate the path forward for the Swedish animation landscape, embodying the very essence of innovation and artistic prowess.