An Uncertain Border


20211010. Från 15 år. Längd 1 tim 58 min

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Idag 23 juli

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An Uncertain Border Bild

Från 15 år






1 tim 58 min

Richi (Moisé Curia) travels with a little girl (Anna Malfatti) in a camper van through southern Germany. They scuffle with each other, dress up, dance and laugh a lot. He is a seed salesman, she his little doll. An unusual couple, but happy at first glance. When the two stop off at a restaurant, the landlord (Heio von Stetten) becomes skeptical. Something is not right here! In addition, the girl speaks a very rare language: Ladin. Meanwhile, in Rome, police inspector Milia Demetz (Cosmina Stratan) is investigating cyberspace and is hot on the heels of a pedophile network. When she discovers a girl in one of the anonymous videos, she is certain: the lasciviously photographed child is Magdalena Senoner, who disappeared in Tyrol at the age of five. But who is behind the camera? When the landlord forwards the footage from his surveillance camera to the police, all the threads come together. Can Milia save little Magdalena?