Bread and Salt


2022. Ej angivet. Längd 1 tim 40 min

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Idag 6 december

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Ej angivet


1 tim 40 min

Tymoteusz, a pianist - student of the Warsaw Academy of Music, returns to his hometown for a vacation. A provincial town, like many in Poland, is a place where time has stood still, especially now during hot holidays. Tymek's friends and his brother Jacek stayed in the city, also a pianist, who, however, did not enter the Academy of Music and spends time with his friends in the estate. A stay in his hometown is only a holiday stop to Western Europe, where Tymoteusz received a foreign scholarship. The central meeting point for local youth is the newly created kebab bar. Local youth live well with foreigners, but there are some minor exceptions. Over time, the conflict between a group of employees and the boys from the estate worsens. Fear and a sense of threat begin to develop in intimidated foreigners.